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What is digital transformation at the IFRC?

Digital transformation is a disruptive or incremental shift that allows us, the IFRC, to pursue new ways of humanitarian assistance by transforming current practices and developing new digital humanitarian services. Utilizing data analytics and digital technology – deployed by confident professionals, in service of people in need, and handling the data responsibly – can improve relevance, speed, quality, reach, accessibility, resilience, and sustainability of services by our National Societies.

Our Digital transformation is a journey rather than a specific destination. To successfully complete the Digital Transformation journey, the following three enablers are woven through our Digital Transformation Strategy:

  • Emphasizing that people are at the centre of the process

  • Energising our network to share capabilities and knowledge between NS

  • Improving IFRC’s capacity for interoperability and common data standards

As there are clear actions required to secure digital transformation, these enablers are supported by two main pillars:

  • A maturity model that provides strategic direction to NS, encourages ownership of Digital Transformation at National Society level and measures progress

  • An organising model that leverages existing capabilities in the IFRC and promotes the establishment of an accelerator team


What is the scope of digital transformation at the IFRC?

The IFRC’s Digital Transformation Strategy intends to develop and implement a standard for the digital delivery of humanitarian assistance by National Societies in line with our fundamental principles. The focus is on strengthening the delivery of humanitarian services and the aim is to increase the sustainability of our humanitarian mandate and with it, performance, technical, social, and resource accountabilities.


Who is leading digital transformation at the IFRC?

First and foremost, digital transformation is already happening and is driven by National Societies across the network. You can read all about it in our Share&Learn page.

The IFRC Secretariat in Geneva is shaping a new digital transformation department in support of digital transformation at National Society level, as well as the secretariat itself. Juriaan Lahr became the IFRC’s very first Director of Digital Transformation in September 2021.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways in which your National Society can get involved:

  • you can share data and digital stories or resource materials via this page

  • you can connect with peers to request or offer data and digital support via this page

  • you can join the steering committee, technical committee or accelerator team, send us a message via data.digital@ifrc.org and we will tell you how!


Where can I find the IFRC’s digital transformation strategy?

You have come to the right place! The IFRC’s Digital Transformation Strategy is available in the IFRC’s official languages via this page.